Lorrca bulletins

Lorrca bulletins
Bulletin nr
IB 2023008 Lorrca Reagents color deviation
IB 2023006 New Lorrca Software (7.01.00)
IB 2023001 New Lorrca Software (6.05.01)
IB 2021012 Packaging Osmo LOW and Osmo HIGH
SB 2021011 Volume change Oxy ISO
IB 2021005 New Lorrca software version 6.03
SB 2021003 Temporarily volume change for Elon ISO and Oxy ISO
SB 2021002 Mandatory addition in Start-up and End-of-day wash routine (rev. 1)
IB 2021001 New versions of Material Safety Data Sheets
IB 2020013 New Lorrca software and User Manual version
IB 2020008 Extra maintenance Lorrca
SB 2019004 Software update Lorrca Osmoscan (version 5.09)
SB 2019013 Setting software Lorrca Osmoscan